Auto Shop Near You For Car Oil Change And Filter Change

Car oil and filter change is an auto maintenance that needs to be done often and on time to keep the engine running smoothly. Both need to be changed at different intervals and do the job of keeping the engine functioning smoothly. Here are some pointers to take into consideration while getting the oil change done at an auto shop near you.

Quality Of Oil And Oil Change Interval
The car oil comes in two major types and has different oil change intervals. The professional auto mechanics suggest the use of synthetic oil for the car. The other option is blended oil. Both oils are good for the car but the synthetic oil is better. The synthetic oil is made with the properties specially designed for the modern engine that can withstand high temperatures and provide the protection and performance required. The blended oil is a mixture of synthetic and mineral oil which get the job done but wears out quickly and doesn’t protect the engine like the synthetic oil does. The synthetic oil needs to be changed every 5000-7000 miles whereas the blended oil needs to be changed every 3000-5000 miles. It is important to protect the engine better and keep the parts well lubricated to prevent friction and wearing of internal engine parts. Timely oil change helps improve the lifespan of the engine.

Filter Replacement Reasons
Car Oil Filter Replacement
The filter does the job of cleaning the oil that enters the engine. The filter gets dirty over time and the dust particles get to build upon it. The filter doesn’t usually have an expiry date but requires to be changed between 10000-20000 miles. The filter has to be of good quality and be in good condition for the oil to be effective. If the oil gets dirty, it becomes ineffective and the internal parts of the engine get damaged. The mechanics suggest getting the oil change and filter done on time to avoid any problems.

The oil and filter change can be done at any auto repair shop near you or by mobile mechanics near you. It all comes down to the convenience factor and trust. Whether you trust the mobile mechanic or local auto mechanics. The mobile mechanics come to you whereas the auto mechanics at auto shops require you to get the car to them. The price factor is the same but the mobile mechanics are more transparent.